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Never going on chatroullete again

2013-02-22 07:37:32 by TheQookieMonster

I had fun. I was laughing hysterically all night.


Rest in Peace Andy Whitfield

2011-09-13 02:49:41 by TheQookieMonster

He was best known for his leading role in the Starz television series Spartacus: Blood and Sand. At the age of 39. Whitfield died of non-Hodgkin lymphoma on 11 September 2011. It's truly saddening for anyone who has lost a loved one or friend to cancer. Over here in Canada, we lost Jack Layon who was an amazing human-being and political leader. I wish everyone good health and please take care of yourself. We have only one life. akGM&feature=related


2011-05-08 18:38:51 by TheQookieMonster

No I didn't. I'm kidding, I just wanted to say hi.



Happy holidays mate and mateys


2010-10-07 05:08:39 by TheQookieMonster

I Love you?

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Almost... I got nerdgasm through out the entire trailer.

Spam Spam Spam

2010-07-22 00:19:03 by TheQookieMonster

Bored :(

Looking for Music Artists ; Talented Dj's for MK theme song.

2010-06-10 20:47:04 by TheQookieMonster

Hey guys , are you the person that can produce an epic song for a battle showdown that includes Sub Zero and Scorpion? I need an EPIC ; remember the key word *EPIC* introduction music and action beats. I'm looking for an introduction beat that gives people EPIC SHIVERS at the beginning of the song and slowly transitions into Combat music and obviously ending it with EPIC-NESS. max 2-3 minute length . Remember , you are recreating a different verison of the Mortal Kombat theme song. It has to sound like the theme song.
Do NOT List
- Do not make the entire song all in Techno , Trance or any single genre. Mix it together for example House , Classical and techno.
- Do not make it sound childish or toony music.
- Update soon.

What am I doing with this EPIC Song? I'm creating a 2-month length project which is about Sub Zero and Scorpion combat rumble.This is obviously inspired from Mortal Kombat. It will be frame-by-frame animated and of course will be one of my main projects that will blow newgrounds away and earn my respect and attention. Please disregard any animation that I've submited , None of the work I've submitted are represented to be my best pieces.

Due date will be updated soon: Email Samples too :

Please spread the word , thank you!

Heres some TING

Looking for Music Artists ; Talented Dj's for MK theme song.